You're getting married. Congrats. Next step is looking for a photographer that suits you as a couple. I tend to be invisible at weddings. Moments like a crying father or the look she gives him mean so much more to me than any usual picture. I desire to capture the real and raw emotions. The small details that make the bigger picture. I hope you can see me as a friend on your wedding day. Capturing the beauty of your story as a couple is something that will last a lifetime on visuals. 

Starting at 1850€ for 6 hours.

Curious about specific packages? Ask away!



I'd love to portrait how you are: as an individual or as a couple or family. We'll choose a nice environment that suits you as a couple (your own house, a forest or even the mall on the corner of your street). It's important that you feel comfortable so while I'm shooting, I'm chatting the time away to get to know you. Sometimes I make stupid jokes to get you to smile so I get the picture I want. I hope that's okay.

For family shoots with kids everything's possible; let them devour a cake in the middle of nowhere, let them take a bath, or read them a story in bed.


Starting at 225€ for one hour.



Brands need visuals. Whether your just starting up and you're getting lost in your own branding or you want a complete make-over in the visuals of your company: I'd be happy to help. Images are so important these days and I'll deliver pictures for your website, flyers and social media.

Interested in working with me for food styling -and photography? I'm jumping around like crazy - yes please.


 Starting at 225€ for one hour.