Stefanie & Pieter-Jan

Somewhere in the fields lies a small station. It has some beautiful surroundings and there’s nature as far as the eye can reach. That little station was no longer used. The railroad was transformed into a bicycle path and the station itself closed its doors. Until two individuals caught the building with their eagle eye. They bought it and promised themselves it would be their biggest project yet. That day was the start of something beautiful: they renovated the station into their own home with lots of light.

A year after they got married in the garden on the first day of summer. With flags, lots of laughter, sunshine, red cheeks and lots of sparkling eyes.

Their story began where tons of stories once occurred. And in my humble opinion that thought made me melt like ice cream in a heat wave.

Stationary: Stefanie Weckx (bride) for studio Kanada / Bride dress: Cymbeline Paris, Carmens, Meadow Glow Botanical Jewellery / Bride make-up & hair: Cheveux Heureux / Groom costume & shoes: Café Costume, MOMA / Wedding rings: Isabelle Vanlaere / Catering lunch and cake: Ike Uwa / Flowers: Karo Bloemen enzo / Venue: Aulnenhof Walshoutem / DJ: Tronico / Oldtimer (father bride): Triump Herald