Heleen, Lino & Bob



They lived on top of a mountain in this modern, new builded house. The view over the city was endless. And there they were. Smiling and breathing on this hot and sunny day. Admitting they had a small and current addiction to their fan, which kept them company every second of the day. 

Since Lino has a busy job with switching hours, Heleen is often alone with Bob. I smiled inside when she told me she was sometimes thinking she was going to go crazy, baby talking all day long with no grown-up around her to speak full words to. The funny thing is she surprised Lino with this shoot because of the fact he's so proud of her and little Bob. He often said he would like to have nice pictures of them as a family. I could see his eyes shine when he looked at Bob. Proud man, right there. A proud man with a beautiful house on top of that hill. On top of that hill with that nice view over the city.