When she first e-mailed me, I was amazed. She wrote a lifelong letter and I read every word of it with the greatest care. She told me her own story. How she found her dreams and ambitions in the smallest corner. How she would fight for them. How she was a young and aspiring florist and how happy that made her. Then she told me the story of Lieven. How he took care of her. How he is her other half. The one that always stands besides her. How she loves him. How they were getting married. And how she wanted it to be intimate. 

Their day was intimate. Intimate and wildly amazing at the same time. She did everything herself: from the decorations to the flowers. Their ceremony one with just the two of them. That's how it was supposed to be: telling each other what their love meant. For their ears only. 

Their dinner and party was with a small group of friends and family. They all carried homemade food and dessert when they walked trough the door. I smiled. I smiled because I could feel this was the greatest and most genuine and sincere gathering I had ever been to. 

It was beautiful. Just like they were. 

Ceremony: Olga and Annick (Minn) / Venue: Venyous / Main chairs&Tables: Café Marriage / Flowers and deco: Stek