I tend to never cry during wedding days or ceremonies.
But if there was one day I shed some tears in 2016, it was on the day of Joke & Stijn. Without even knowing it up front, and without the ability to stop it. For a second I was grateful I could hide behind my camera, denying the fact that a couple of tiny tears were streaming down my cheeks.

Joke e-mailed me just two months before their wedding and I was sold immediately. She wrote to me about  Stijn. About her family. About why they were getting married so suddenly. About that their date probably wasn’t available anymore on my schedule, but she wanted to try anyway.

And strangely enough, her date was still available. It was a saturday and since I had already 3 weddings that week, I had decided upfront I would take a little rest on this particular saturday. I hesitated for just one small second, but then contacted her, telling her I really wanted to capture her day because of her beautiful e-mail and story. We worked out some hours that were do-able so I would get enough rest for the next day.

The day of their wedding the sun was shining. It was a very hot day and we conquered a lot of mosquito’s during their shoot, but Joke and Stijn kept on smiling. Their ceremony was incredibly intimate and beautiful, and the exotic paella was absolutely delicious. I learned Joke and Stijn had a very strong family and some wonderful friends.

I respect them, so much. And I’m so grateful I had the privilege to tell their story. Their story. Their philosophic, yet amazing story. In this strange galaxy of emotions, friends, love and family. I know she’s in good hands. I hope they have many amazing moments together, and I hope even more they will look at these pictures a couple of years from now and smile. For so many reasons.

Bride dress: JPC Collection, Oni Onik, Inmaculada Garcia / Bride jewels: Nimzu Antwerp / Bride shoes: Unisa, Monar Antwerp / MUAH: Sanne De Wolf / Rings: Nimzu Antwerp / Costume groom: Café Costume / Decoration: bride, groom / Letters ‘Oui’ by Wøti / Swingset ceremony by Ruben Hermans / Live bands: Poldoore and Stefan Uyttebroeck (sax) / Venue and catering: Listwaar / DJ: Friends & Maverick / Graphic Design: Lotte Haesendonck