Jana & Wim

Days of rain. And suddenly it stopped, the day before Jana & Wim got married. It must’ve meant something.

When I knocked on the door of Jana’s parents in the morning, I was surprised to see such a relaxed bride. She was surrounded by her nervous mother, her proud father, calm best friend and enthusiastic make-up artist. And she kept on being at ease.

And honestly, after a few hours I began to understand her. There was nothing to be nervous about. They had the most enthusiastic friends. Every moment was filled with smiles, hugs, laughter and compliments. Their venue took place in a small camp, in the middle of nowhere, between fields and trees. They had organized and decorated everything so perfectly and it totally described who they are; two souls who wanted to be with the people who matter the most in all simplicity.

Wedding dress: Rembo Styling / Bride, jewels: Lasso juwelen / Bride, shoes: Scott’s / MUAH: Kim Keymolen / Groom, costume: Paul Smith / Groom, hemd: Hugo Boss / Groom, shoes: Floris Van Bommel / Groom, bowtie: Zara / Groom, watch: Fossil  / Ring groom: Lasso juwelen / Flowers: 50 Tinten Groen / Decoration: bride and groom / Ring bride: Nicole Eitel / Venue tent: Party Professionals / Venue lights: Sinco / Catering: BBQ Academy / Bank: Gamma, drawing by Hanne Beullens / Graphic Design: Marieke Santy, Jaan Bartholomees, Drukkerij Swings / DJ: DJ Jones