Janice and I were in doubt for months whether or not we would take a plane (car? bus? bicycle…?) and just relax for a few weeks abroad. Finally it became summer in Belgium and we decided very last minute to overload the car, hop on in, and drive to our next best thing for three weeks in a row: Italy.

We even made a small video about a morning on one of the many islands Italy has to offer.

I’ve been in Italy several times, but never on a road trip. And what a trip it was anyways. Mosquito-interventions, endless heat, amazing pizza’s (yes, prulal!), hammock-evenings, pure laziness on the beach, reading in the car, snorkeling between the fish, brushed our teeth màny times at really strange surroundings, eating tons and tons of delicious ice cream, making diner by nightfall after a late-night-swim and getting up early to catch sunrise and shoot some film.
We’ve slept in the car, on the beach, in our tent, in another tent, (those things break quite easily, so we’ve heard…), in a hotel, in a studio, and so on. We’ve spend hours in the car, met captains and learned about life at sea,  visited tuscany and a couple of small (and bigger) cities/towns, and went island hopping. We loved the scenery and the quiet evenings. Couldn’t have asked for more of an amazing, versatile vacation.