I was amazed to see how relaxed Eva was. She just sat there the entire morning, folded hands in her lap and most of the time her eyes were closed. She was enjoying herself. The conversations around her. Sometimes pleasantly joining them, sometimes staring in the distance or on her phone. Ward was in the other room. She could hear him when he said he had to go to their house because he forgot something. And she rolled her eyes, smiled, and felt him take off with the metro only to be back in time to see her for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress.

They both shined. They shined as they were walking trough the dark corridors of the hotel. They shined when they jumped into the car and couldn't leave because the garage wouldn't open. They shined when they realized they only had half an our to take some shots from them as a couple. And they shined while almost running trough the streets of Ghent to conquer their schedule. 

People who saw them, shined back. I'm sure of it. I could see it in their eyes. I smiled because of it. I smiled because I understood. 

_They were great. Shining. Now and for a lifetime to come.