I’ve heard many stories and up until now, I’ve seen many lovers. Lovers kissing. Lovers embracing. Lovers marrying and even lovers going into discussion. I’ve seen them looking at each other with a lot of love and I’ve noticed them giving little winks when they thought I wasn’t looking during a shoot.

There are lovers who I will never forget. Because of their kindness towards each other or towards me. Or because of their spontaneous bursts, or intimate eye contact. But Eva & Jeroen are one of the couples I will never forget because their love is just so incredibly pure en honest. They have been together for ten years and were each others first lovers. They know each other inside out as best friends ànd as a couple. The most beautiful fact about this is that they still organize impulsive winter-picknicks in the woods close to their home. They pick up game nights with just the two of them. They have creative days by the fireplace just because they both adore it. They kiss intense. They keep holding hands. They laugh loudest when being together. And most of the time, I had the idea that between their hundreds of guests, they only had eye for each other. And I thought that was perfect. And I figured out for a brief moment that was how it was supposed to be on your wedding day.

The day was one of the kind. We faced the world when it was still dark outside because of the fall, with lots of fog embracing us. From the moment I walked in I found out Jeroen would be the perfect husband for Eva, calming her down while he was stressed himself. They made almost everything from scratch; from Eva’s wedding bouquet ‘till the ring on Jeroen’s finger tattooed by his father. From the lunch for their family at their cozy little house in the middle of nowhere ‘till hundreds of creative DIY’s at their venue.

This was perfect. I wish I could say ‘good luck’ to the both of them, but there’s no use – this day was so perfectly obvious and honest that I can only hope for everyone to find their Eva or Jeroen.