One sentence: I’ll never forget these two.

I remember the first time I met Eline & Thomas. It was a nice summer evening and I sat together with them in their small city-garden between chickens and overall cozyness. We discussed their wedding and they told me about their history together. If there are two people that have been fighting for their relationship, it will be these two. Eline worked in the television-world, Thomas was an engineer at sea. They met on a wild night in the city, en after that there was no way back. They couldn’t let each other go and although Thomas was away most of the time, they managed to stay together.

I believe this fact makes them so unbelievably grateful. They are truly grateful for everything and everyone.
For the fact Eline could stay with her friends the day before the wedding at her mother’s B&B. Or the fact she has an amazing sister which she absolutely adores. The fact they could look at beautiful decoration during the ceremony that they had made by themselves with a lot of help from their families. Or the fact that Thomas decided to take his guitar during the ceremony and sang a song for Eline.

Eline and Thomas. Once again, thank you so much for taking me into your journey. For letting me tell your beautiful story and for considering me as part of your family and friends for one day. I felt incredibly welcome and I couldn’t be more happy you found each other and ‘concurred the stormy sea’ ;).

Bride, wedding dress: Linea Raffaelli / Bride earrings: Noblesse / Bride shoes: Luca Renzi / MUA: Lotsje De Ridder / Groom costume: Café Costume / Rings: Lore Van Keer / B&B: Pony’s en Pistolets / Venue and catering: Hof Ten Steen / Ceremony: Eline’s aunt, Christel De Boeck / Band ceremony: Elien Roosen, Leen Jonckers and Ludo / Decoration ceremony and venue: DIY by Eline, Karina (mother Eline), Erik (father Eline), Daphne (sister Eline) / Flowers: Bloemencreaties Verde / Graphic Desing: Idee-Ryn