It was the end of February, which meant it was almost Janice’ birthday.
Last year she had won a price for her graphic work and we had the luck it was a three-day-trip to Paris. Her birthday seemed like a good date to explore the city.

We woke up right on top of the Montmartre. Something I couldn’t be happier about, since it’s my favorite spot in Paris. The breakfast was amazing and we stuffed ourselves with delicious croissants (hooray Paris!) and fresh granola. Janice is not really a breakfast-person, but after some pushing and promising lovely Indonesian food in the evening, she managed to enjoy her croissants as well. We walked trough Place Du Tertre once again and for the first time we visited Les Puces and enjoyed the antique market.

After walking for three days straight through the streets of Paris our feet were sore and it was time to take the train back home in the evening. Missing those croissants already. Story of my life.