A week after spending new years in Copenhagen it was time to visit Marrakech. Two years ago I had my first encounter with Morocco trough a visit to Fés and the Atlas, and I must admit I loved it to pieces.

This time we decided to visit Marrakech, since it was my long life dream to see the Sahara desert one day. We left cold and rainy Belgium behind us and arrived 4 hours later at Marrakech in the evening. At that point I realized I forgot the smell of sunset after a sunny day. The minute I stepped off the plane and walked into the warm air I felt pure tranquility and I was honestly humble and elated.

The next day we drove long hours to the desert, accompanied by the most amazing travel pills éver (thank god!). We visited a couple of things along the way before we arrived to a bunch of dromedary who would bring us to our camp in the desert for the night. I must admit I wasn’t thrilled to get my butt on a dromedary. And afterwards I can truly say it wasn’t a really pleasant experience anyway. Let’s say our asses were bright blue (and purple, yellow and green…) for the upcoming two weeks.

Sunset was arriving while we rode the dromedary towards the camp and the view was beautiful. That night in the desert was amazing (but somewhat cold, like I had imagined). The diner was really tasteful, the music was great and the campfire was cozy and warm. We had some pretty nice and funny conversations with our company while watching the unbelievable milky way above us. I was thankful, still am.

The day after we drove back to Marrakech and saw another piece of the high Atlas Mountains. In Marrakech we visited the popular Djemaa El Fna and I realized how much I did miss the Moroccan tajine’s, couscous and pastilla’s. The days after I enjoyed eating our breakfast at our terrace, forgetting time while hassling in the souks, seeing fresh juices everywhere I looked, having an overkill to the most amazing products and getting lost in the small streets.

I think I miss this.