A much-needed break became three days with gorgeous sunny weather in Amsterdam. It was a last minute decision and we hesitated a lot about our destination, but Amsterdam was not a very far drive away from our hometown and we decided to take this trip as easy-going as possible.

We had sò much luck with our host and we managed to arrange ourselves a beautiful studio. It was located in the attic of an old house, right in the centre of Amsterdam on one of the ‘grachten’.  

We’ve spend three days by foot and saw places I’ve always wanted to go but never found the time for when I was there. We drooled on the shop of Suhka, finally ate a delicious vegan cheesecake at Sla, bought a lot of juices at Marqt (and Janice also had to buy a backpack to carry them in since I was way too enthusiastic on them juices), saw the skyline at the central library of Amsterdam, saw so sò many beautiful brandings along the way, visited the cozy Jordaan neighborhood and…Stayed in when we wanted to without any pressure, watching a TV serie together with some chinese or indian food. Thankful for little getaways like this – check.