They met when they were younger. Thomas was always gazing at Nele and secretly (or, let's admit, not so secretly) he became a bit madly in love with her over the years. Nele decided not to give in for a long time, until all of the sudden she fell for his ginger hair and beautiful smile. A year later, they got married. 

This is the story of their day. Their cold day which decided to warm our hearts and hands anyway. That cold day in that cool venue with that ceremony in the sand. With that pizza-buffet and with a lot of homemade desserts from the guests. 

In the morning we already figured Thomas and Nele had a great and loving family. But we could have never thought they were that amazing. Just before dessert, there was this 'Grand Thomas & Nele'-show, which started with the coolest dance moves from nieces and ended with the most hilarious flashmob from Thomas himself. I couldn't stop staring and smiling. I almost forgot to take pictures at some point, just because I was enjoying myself so much. Their first dance started out like any other normal first dance, until suddenly they started to lindey hop on a song from jungle book. I can still remember everyone's face and up until now it still brings a smile to mine. 

They're great. Great and absurd and social and so genuine. They fight for what they want and they stick with each other no matter what. A week after their wedding, they flew to Bali for their honeymoon. With two giant backpacks. Because after their honeymoon, they would leave everything in Belgium behind and fly to Australia for the next year to come.

Together. As it should be.