Katrien, Jan & Anna


It was a wednesday afternoon. Winter just passed and I could feel spring lurking around the corner. When I stopped at Katrien & Jan's house, I figured they just bought it at a Disney-sale. The house looked like they picked it right out of 'Sleeping Beauty'.

I enjoy sneaking into people's lives - it seems foolish to lie about that fact. But this house. These people. This family. It gave me a small christmas-feeling in springtime. The stories they told and the way they looked at each other made me feel warm. Independent Anna kept bouncing trough the house while I was enjoying every minute with every breath I took to capture these small moments on a quiet afternoon. 

This family. With the love they give and the cozy brunches on sunday. With their hospitality and their smiles - they rock to the fullest. If I ever have kids, I hope I can create christmas like they do for them everyday of the year. With big eyes and warm hearts between small chaos.