I love mornings. Mornings where I wake up extremely early. Making and having breakfast while the universe is still quiet.

Trying to adore the simplicity of life. At the moment I live in a small house with lots of windows to let the light in. On sundays we enjoy walking to the Moroccan bakery and on weekdays you can usually find me photographing or editing in this home of ours. I’m always thinking and I have a very restless mind. I’m very grateful for what I own and who I surround myself with, but I’m also very pensive. It makes me want to move further in life in every way. To encounter new people, listen to their stories. I can never be busy enough, yet on some moments my girlfriend demands me to sit still. Sometimes I actually listen to her, so we try to take some time off every sunday (but sometimes we fail, of course).

When I’ve got some time off, I like to travel. Or drive endless roads – I’m more peaceful when I’m on the road. Visit cities and let the crowd decide my route. Bake and cook a whole day in the kitchen (hoping someone will do my dishes). Play cards. Sit and relax with a movie. Go for a long walk. Have friends over for diner or read a good book.